Friday, 19 February 2016

Hit me with your best shot...

It`s so easy to take, and share pictures these days, isn`t it? I`ve been in Ludlow about a year now and find I`m forever taking shots of the castle, because a bit of drizzle or a shaft of sunlight can make it look completely different. The same goes for the fabulous river views you can capture throughout the year in and around the town ; from leaping salmon.....serene swans....a mother and her ducklings, or angry, swollen waters rushing under the Ludford Bridge --different day, different scene.

But what`s your favourite image of Ludlow? A wooded walk? The beautiful houses and timbered buildings? Views of the hills from the top of town?

So here`s the deal. Hit me with your best shot--either tweet it to @LiveLudlow or email it to .

We`ll pop a selection right here on the blog....and the best one gets a voucher for coffee and cake in town. How`s that. (A shot for a shot....see?)

You`ve got until 5pm next Thursday, February 25th.

OK? Go on then......get snapping!

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