Thursday, 28 January 2016

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Coming soon: the south Shropshire studio with something to shout about.... and why the Bread Walk was a sign of the times....

But first? Grab a coffee.....and meet Mal.


Meet Mal Fury. Ludlow born and bred; he`s a painter and decorator who`s more likely to gloss your frames to opera than pop.

Keen on Carmen, and with a passion for Puccini, his love for the arts has extended to supporting local events too, with years of stewarding at the Ludlow Festival under his belt. 

Professionally, Mal`s clocked up 40 years in the decorating trade, starting as a teenager in the days when the team--and the paint tins--all got crammed into the back of the van together. 

Things have changed a bit now, and Mal--who lives with his wife on the outskirts of town and has twin sons in their twenties-- says he`s proud to have worked on some of the town`s most significant houses during restoration projects. `You get a chance to bring buildings back to life, through the various stages,` he says. `It`s wonderful to see a project like that finished.`

Fast & Fury-ous: Mal`s Quickfire Q&A:

Best thing about Ludlow? It`s a great place for families, history, walks and food.
Pet hate in life ? Arrogance and rudeness.
Top holiday spot? I love Italy--especially Sorrento, Capri, Amalfi. Also Cuba!
Weirdest holiday experience ? A great night twin-towning in La Ferte Mace: but dessert started at 2 am and we left at 5.30!
True confession: OK. We should have watched the weather a bit more closely. We once had a major job nearly finished. The rain and wind blew in really suddenly; and we had to go over all our work--and even stop little rivers of paint trickling down the street!
Best professional tip: Get the best quality paint and brushes you can afford. You`ll only go over it twice if you get the cheap stuff!
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